Clyde & Co Westlink is a joint law venture (JLV) between Clyde & Co and Westlink Partnership. The joint law venture enables us to provide onshore 
and offshore advice as a single entity in permitted areas (excluding litigation in Chinese Courts, which continues to be covered by Westlink 
Partnership). Clyde & Co Westlink serves clients in Chongqing and Southwest China in the areas of banking and finance, investment, M&A,
corporate governance, and in particular outbound investment related legal issues.
Clyde & Co Westlink operates strictly in compliance with international practicing rules and strives to provide the most efficient and professional legal 
services to our clients both locally and internationally.
Clyde & Co Westlink is licenced by the PRC Ministry of Justice/Chongqing Bureau of Justice.
This website provides a brief overview of the local capability of Clyde & Co Westlink. For information about Clyde & Co's global reach and capabilities,
please see Experienced and well connected, Clyde & Co Westlink is particularly skilled in the areas of international
investment (inbound and outbound), banking and finance, labour law, dispute resolution, capital markets and corporate governance.
We pride ourselves in serving our clients with the highest standard of advice and support, in a timely manner.
Add:2705 Metropolitan Tower.68 Zourong Road,Yuzhong District. Chongqing. 400010.China
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